Settle in Chile

Are you planning to move to Chile soon? Are you lost? That’s normal! Don’t you know where to live? It is not easy to move to a country so different from your own, you easily lose your bearings. We explain to you how the real estate market works in Santiago, the capital. It also details which are the best real estate and relocation agencies in the country. Discover our selection of the best real estate and relocation agencies.

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Living in Chile

Arriving in a new country that you don’t know, where you don’t know anything about culture and language at all, can be quickly disconcerting.
Below we describe the main features of life you could lead in Chile and some practical information that might be useful to you when you arrive.

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Working in Chile

Are you asking yourself what are the particularities of the Chilean labour market? Is it easy to find a job in this country? An internship? These articles below are here to help you understand these points.

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education in chile

The Chilean education system

Do you want to move to Chile with children? Do you want to know how the Chilean education system works? The articles below will help you to better understand how it works, from nursery to higher education. And don’t forget that the school year starts in March and ends in June!

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Retire in Chile

Have you always dreamed of spending your retirement in the sun in a fabulous country? Then Chile is for you! We explain why retire to Chile how to get your retirement visa!

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retire in chile

The Chilean healthcare system

Chile has a very good healthcare systems, the 33rd out of 190 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Health infrastructures are of a very good standard throughout the country, especially in Santiago.

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The Chilean currency

What is the Chilean currency? What is its exchange rate with major international currencies such as the US dollar or the euro? What is the cost of living in Chile and more particularly in Santiago?

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